1st Racing Cobra, Riverside, CA, 1962.

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1st trounced Corvette Stingray, Riverside, CA, 1962

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2006 Run 'n Gun Spectators Welcome!
Organizers say they'll cater to attract more spectators!

     This year's Run 'n Gun is scheduled for October 12-15 at the St. Louis Gateway Racetrack. 
     This is the Club Cobra thread link: http://www.clubcobra.com/forums/showthread.php?t=68143
     The three organizers, Clois Harlan, dlampe, and Jay Nordstrom (jayscobras), welcome suggestions and encourage participation.  Here are my personal suggestions that dlampe said would probably be implemented.

1. Cobra Tour w/Q&A time from a replica manufacturer rep or professional racer (owner of a Cobra being raced there would be fine!). This individual could walk us around a Cobra and tell us about Cobra history, stats, this track's racing rules, replica power train options, construction, myriad of manufacturing approaches, etc. Walk us around and show us the subtle...and not-so-subtle...differences between the different replicas right there on the tarmac, and so on.

2. Cobra ride around the track with a well-known member of your group or this year's winner!

3. Manufacturer sales pitch--yes, there are obsessive Cobra enthusiasts out there like me who would drive 2 hours just for a sales pitch (normal folks usually like to avoid sales pitches!). What a great opportunity to tell us why we ought to buy their product.

4. How about an award for the Most Enthusiastic Enthusiast (non-Cobra owner).

     See the thread for my additional--and somewhat unrealistic--requests, if interested.  Short of asking for the moon and the kitchen sink, I DO still hope to see Speed Racer there burning some rubber! 

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B&B Manufacturing Gets New Web Site!
Beefed-up web presence
reflects hearty B&B products
Do visitors to your web site ask themselves, "Where's the Beef?!"
Author Commentary, 1 December, 2005

     Here it is--the dramatic unveiling of B&B Manufacturing's new web site at www.BandBroadster.com!  See for yourself what a professionally-designed web site can do for your business.  B&B's robust '66 Roadster and classically-American '34 Coupe hotrods are now stunningly showcased on a web site designed specifically for sense appeal (Feel the Thunder!) as well as cents appeal (check out the new BuildSheets!) --and that's the census at Club Cobra!

     Speak with Bryan Anderson at B&B Manufacturing and tell him what you think about his new web site--and what you'd like to see there in the future!

     What does your business's web presence project about its products, customer service and your overall success?  Does your web site need an overhaul? 

     You can have the web site your business needs for success in today's competitive and changing environment. 

It's time to get on the web.
Better doesn't have to mean more expensive.

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2005 Run 'n Gun: a Spectator's view...
Does the future of this event depend on spectators?

     My wife and I drove 2 hours from our home here in central MO and got there an hour early. I was salivating all the way there, regurgitating mid-60's Ford racing trivia to my wife who had resigned to actually appearing to be listening--no scowl or rolling of the eyes at all--IT WAS GREAT!!!  I'd been waiting for this event for almost an entire year. The new Hurricane Cobra -- click here to visit the Hurricane web site!
     But when we rolled up to the gate, my fears were realized when I was told that the event was over.
     Yes--I knew all along that one of the three days was reserved just as a rain day, but there isn't another event like this near us (except for Tulsa--and I had to miss that one due to my wife's family reunion). It had also rained off and on for the first two days, so we decided to made the trip anyway, thinking that there must still be folks there who would take advantage of the third day.  I felt like I had put all of my money on the Run 'n Gun...and lost it all.  Well almost all of it...
     The nice folks at the gate did let us drive into center of the track where they said we'd probably find a few vehicles left to look at. And they were correct--there were 4 Cobras (and a Vette!) resting there next to Richard Petty's monster NASCARs.
     I talked briefly to a nice gentleman with a VERY nice burnt-orange Cobra who told me that there was talk about planning next year's event to go through Sunday so folks like me (still Cobraless) would be able to come out for the weekend and enjoy the fun too.
     The trip to St. Louis wasn't a total loss. I did wind up seeing the one car I was hoping to see: The Hurricane--the one shown here, and on the Hurricane Cobra web site--Delampe's car. This car was actually one of those four Cobras still there when we arrived.
     I don't know what was worse--not being able to enjoy the rest of the cars I had so looked forward to seeing all year, or having to spend the afternoon with my wife learning the finer points of stained-glass soldering, which was what she was to be doing there in St Louis while I was at the Run 'n Gun.
     So, 2006 Run 'n Gun organizers--please have mercy on me!  Plan through the weekend and have some cool original Cobras, Daytona Coupes, GT40s, and even SPF, Backdraft, Factory Five, B&B, Hurricane, and other manufacturers' vehicles and displays there for us to enjoy.  What's wrong with a little marketing event along side the Run 'n Gun?

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Manufacturer Chosen, Funding Underway
Effective Sales Pitch Discovered, Wife Now Onboard!

B&B offers better deal/faster build than FFR Coupe!

Author Commentary, 1 May, 2005

     There's nothing like an endless cycle of sweet-talking, sales pitches and arguments with the wife to make a man wish his new case of springtime snakebite would simply end his life altogether. 
     Nothing new under the sun. This has been the death of many-a-snake-bitten mans' 'obsessionRay Agen's B&B '66 Roadster' since the mid 60's.
     But there is a way to sell the wife--yes.  Oh, yes.  And I've discovered it.  It's now time to put my plan into action... 
     Until recently, I had decided on the FFR Type 65 Coupe as my first...er... 'investment'.  But what the wifey had called 'obsessive' dreaming has now met with the reality of my new plan. It now appears that I'll be driving B&B's top-of-the-line '66 Roadster much sooner instead.
     Actually, several factors influenced the change from the FFR Coupe to the B&B Roadster build; not least of which was the final projected price tag.  But my decision to go with B&B wasn't entirely based on the greenback.
     The top five factors were completion time, B&B's use of ALL new parts, build quality/appraisal dollar value (explained further in the sidebar below), manufacturer location, and finally the almighty dollar.  For well under $30,000 I'll wind up with a partially factory-built B&B roadster much sooner than I would the FFR coupe. 
     After touring B&B Manufacturing's facility in Grandby, Missouri, last year, it immediately became evident to me that B&B factory paint was clearly something to plan for--they simply do great paint.  No M. Robert's B&B '66 Roadstermore poor paint quality fears for me!  This was a great relief since I'm the kind of guy who lays awake in bed at night worrying about what to do if I discover a blemish in the completed paint job. And in order to deliver a painted body, they must, of course, cut all holes in the body, fit the hood, doors and trunk to have the gaps correct, and mount the roll bar.  The body then comes back off and gets mounted on a paint cart for more body work, paint, sanding and buffing.
     Meanwhile, in order to physically deliver a painted vehicle, the 9" rear end, tubular front end, 11" disk brakes, coil-over shocks, steering, lights, windshield, and brake lines must be installed.  For safety reasons, as well as convenience, B&B's owner, Bryan Anderson, says it's wise to have him install and wire the power train, as well, before the body goes back on.  Junk wheels and tires will allow it to be pushed onto a car trailer for the two-hour trip home if I haven't gotten my wheels and tires by then. 
     B&B's Stage III Deluxe package provides everything else to finish the vehicle such as headers, side pipes, radiator, latches, all of the interior parts, wiper assembly, La Mans gas cap, molding, etc., for $19,395.  Paint costs an additional $4,200.  Left to purchase are wheels and tires, the drive shaft, hoses and battery.
     As I said, this roadster build is now finally a reality because of my new, creative approach to the wife. We've all tried the, "but it's an investment, Honey!" argument, but if we're honest, our investment plan probably always had holes in it because it was always apparent that it was, indeed, merely a feeble attempt to con the wife into a Cobra...until now.  Read the sidebar below and pay attention, boys...


FREE Kit Car with purchase!
No joke retirement planning!



 '84 Cross-fire Injection, 4th generation Corvette.

The Corvette's 4th generation began in '84.
The '84 is also the only 4th generation Corvette with Cross-fire Injection (thank God!).

Me, my post restoration junker, and pre-Army retirement goatee!

Corvette forum, parts and facts

    In order to supplement my Army retirement check, the wife and I have begun collecting rental homes.  We currently have three--one more and we can trade them in for a hotel! 
     Seriously, the faster we purchase more rental homes, the faster they will eventually pay themselves off.  In a nutshell, we intend to use every penny of equity we have to purchase rental homes as fast as comfortably possible.  So, instead of saving thousands to put down on each house, I'm getting a loan for the B&B kit and putting as much extra cash into paying it off as I possibly can.
     If the finished B&B Cobra appraises for $35,000, and I have paid $5000 toward a $25,000 car note, as an example, I wind up with an instant $15,000 in equity!  My bank will allow me to use every penny of the vehicle's equity in place of money down on the purchase of more rental homes.  Each rental is simply financed on its full sale price--and pays for itself in 20 years. 
     After insurance, repairs and taxes on each home, I still always make money each month on each home.  The car I'm left with is a bonus!  I could watch thousands seemingly go away in the form of rental down payments, but if each home is going to pay itself off in 20 years, and I don't need them paid off before then, where's the fun in that?! 
     Instead, that money goes toward paying off the roadster and continually makes more equity available for the purchase of more homes, which in turn pay for themselves.  This is a no-brainer that even the wife couldn't dispute!  Instead of saving thousands to put down on the purchase of these rental homes, I get the same result and have a roadster to boot! 
     *For the skeptics, yes, this does work.  I have an '84 Corvette in the garage right now that I used to purchase two of my rental homes this way last year.  What a racket--I need a bigger garage! 
     Click on the Corvette photos and graphics to the right to see my restored, equity-drained, 4th generation Corvette...

*Old news: below is my pre- B&B decision FFR story...
Phase #1: Fund Building: School of Hard Knocks
Daytona Coupe build officially underway...almost!

     You just can't beat free training coupled with a healthy kit discount. Thanks to the Montgomery GI Bill and Factory Five's kit discount, I'm now several car lengths ahead toward completion--and I haven't even ordered the kit yet!
     The Mott Community College build school in Howell, MI, costs $699, and that, coincidently, happens to be how much the Montgomery GI Bill will pay me to attend.
Travel, hotel bill and food should cost around $400. I, like many others across the country, plan to make the trek to "The Winter Wonderland" later this year--hopefully after the motto no longer reflects the state's actual...state.  
     "With a focus on all aspects of the build, from donor car disassembly to final paint, the instructors at Mott share their multi-faceted automotive experiences while tailoring the seminar to the skills and background of each individual student," according to the Factory Five's web site.
     The school teaches students to organize and manage the process of constructing a replica kit car by actually assembling a car in three days! Students learn automotive concepts and theories such as steering and suspension systems; actual chassis wiring layout, including vehicle instrumentation and lighting; brake systems design and layout; actual fiberglass body finish and paint preparation processes; and safe shop practices.
     With the $500 Factory Five kit discount for build school attendance, after my travel and related expenses, I look at this as actually making $100! The build school is free for me, paid for by the Montgomery GI Bill. I'm now closer to finishing something I haven't even started!



Complete Rolling Chassis or Build-Your-Own
Today's forecast calls for continued research and a flurry of email

Author Commentary, February 13, 2005

     Blazing sunlight crisscrossed the hood as we thundered through twisting, rolling Ozark elevation changes toward a growing grey horizon.  The scent of spring rain evoked a growing sense of imminent soaking ahead but my senses were already drenched in raw horsepower and g-forces.  Then it began to fall--her stinging words rained down on me like an unstoppable torrent, "Honey, don't you think we ought to turn around--there's rain "Cobray" C3 Kit car by Cobras N Vettesahead."
     For once in my life I was a step ahead.  I'd done my research.  I knew what was coming. 
     Confident in my decision, we rocketed around an inclining bend toward apparent disaster...and my mind began to wonder.  I thought about how my research into Cobra kits had saved thousands on paper...and that some guys never do enough research before they buy.  They see what appear to be clear answers about who makes the best pre-assembled rolling chassis for the money and wind up assuming that lesser-priced kits aren't well engineered.
     Build your own or buy a rolling chassis?  Just how much can you save if you build your own?  Who makes the best rolling chassis for the money?  A week or so on a couple of forums, coupled with listening too much to the guy at work with his brand new, shiny-blue Cobra replica can spell disaster.
     I compared four manufacturers whose products caught my eye recently.  First, let me say that I've never seen a Superformance roadster in the flesh...but I HAVE been invited to fly ON THEIR DIME to Dynamic MotorSports, the Superformance dealer in Ohio, to view their product after a particularly flattering and lengthy post I made about a friend's Backdraft at Club Cobra. There's nothing more I'd rather do than spend the weekend drooling all over beautiful SPF vehicles...it's just this pesky job I've got--and my family time--that keeps getting in the way.  
     After the Run and Gun in Saint Louis this year I'll have some solid experience to stand on, but until then let's just assume what we've all read, and what most have seen first-hand: Superformance Cobra replicas are top-notch vehicles, up there with the exclusive 3 or 4 in quality and functionality...that the working man really can't afford. 
     Let's also assume that quality and craftsmanship are identically top-notch, or at least close, between Backdraft and Superformance Rolling chassis.  I've seen and drooled over the Backdraft in person, and it truly was a clean work of art...except for the spittle I left all over it.  So, how much more perfect, how much more beautiful can the Superformance roadster be compared to the Backdraft?

Superformance: $36,900.00
Backdraft: $28,900.00

     Can you say, "$8,000 more beautiful"?
     Armed only with that information, I'd have to say that the winds would have me headed directly toward the Backdraft.  Why would anyone spend $8000 more for the Superformance vehicle if the Backdraft is just as nice?  For the name?!
     How about because Superformance uses all new parts. The Backdraft has a used BMW rear end. So knock off a couple hundred bucks--the Backdraft is STILL far-and-away the best deal, rightBackdraft?
     Both vehicles are "race-proven"...whatever that really means.  Bubba's home-made, cobbled-together Cobra can enter and drive in a race!  Then he can trailer his cobbled Cobra home for some additional Bubba engineering. Yes, race-proven vehicles obviously wind up more refined as time goes by--but lots of Cobra replica manufacturers race their vehicles.
     Both come standard with IRS, wind wings, sun visors, and wipers/washers. Many unassembled, build-it-yourself kits don't come with these standard.  No leather, LOTS of used parts, dozens of major headaches and gallons of sweat along the way are to be expected with all base-priced unassembled kits. Imagine trying to remove a COMPLETE wiring harness from an old, beat-up Mustang. Not my idea of a fun-filled afternoon. Then, of course, you have to use that spaghetti mess in the brand NEW kit you may now be regretting you ever purchased.  Soon, the new replacement parts you begin opting for over the used ones really start adding up!  Wait--we're talking about pre-assembled replicas, not kits right now.  You can't really save that much dough building a kit anyway, right?
     The Superformance vehicle comes with a lot of other good stuff too: black soft top & side curtains, black tonneau cover, leather seats, and lots of proprietary engineering, to name some big ones. But are these worth $8000 more to me? 
     If you're asking yourself some of these question too, it's time to start a new spreadsheet and begin comparing the price of the exact vehicle you want with the exact extras you want on it, as built by each of your preferred manufacturers. *While you're at it, start another column for an unassembled roadster kit from Factory Five with independent rear suspension (for comparability sake), and don't forget to add-in the other new parts that come standard in the Superformance and Backdraft packages.  And start a final column for the Cobras N Vettes C3/C4 "Cobray" kit--just for good measure.  Stop freaking out--this is just a simple comparison study--and it's MY editorial!
     No, sorry, you can't figure-in the cost of your labor to build the FFR or the CnV kits--that's pure enjoyment anyway, right?  But don't forget to add about $3000-$5000 for great paint unless you enjoy doing that yourself too.
     I've already completed my spreadsheet for my four preferred competitors.  My elusive Cobra replica will cost $25,707 for the Factory Five roadster of my dreams--almost as much as the base-priced "Cobray" C3 Kit car by Cobras N VettesBackdraft--and I still have to build the FFR!  No soft top with the Backdraft or FFR, either, but I did figure in tonneau covers.  The Backdraft with my extras is $30,195. The basic, nicely-equipped Superformance vehicle costs $36,000.  Don't forget to add in about $10,000 for your favorite small block/transmission package--stay away from those big blocks--they're much too heavy, brother!
     But the thing that really bothers me in all this is that NONE of these manufacturers claims to offer an exact replica. In fact, they all clearly state that they're giving us "period" looks coupled with today's technology to one degree or another.  Even Shelby doesn't offer an exact replica!  Why?  Lots of reasons--and they all boil down to performance.  *Notice also that I didn't even think about comparing Shelby's Cobra "replica" here.  It's perfection is even more expensive than Superformance.  Of course, you DO get 'the name'!
     So, where does all of this leave me?   I'm glad you asked!
     As a working man, my spreadsheet drove my decision making.  TOTAL expected dollars spent should be about $15,000 for a complete Cobras N Vettes kit, including the paint and powertrain, but minus the tonneau cover and soft top.
     Yes, OF COURSE there's a catch!  I've already got the complete IRS and front suspension systems, power steering, frame, tires, brake system, and cooling system...but you could go out and get the best handling Corvette made (the '84 Z51 Corvette) too for under $3000 these days!  The CnV Corvette C3/C4 kits are made to use any 3rd or 4th generation Corvette chassis you like.  The finished vehicle would handle WAY better than any other cobra "replica" on the market due to its extended 96" (C4) or 98" (C3) wheelbase, according to Cobras N Vettes owner, Jeffrey A. Classic.  Shoot him some email and read the specs.  More research!
     Now, to be fair, the extended wheelbase and width of the CnV kits provoke nothing short of nausea in true Cobra hard-cores.  But CnV's new C4 'Cobray' kit has a 96.2" wheelbase like many other more well-known and accepted Ford-based replica manufacturers.  And if you've done your research you know that this longer wheelbase and a proven, complete Corvette chassis system will perform circles around every other 90" Cobra replica around.  Yes, that's a bold statement. Yes, it's correct. Hands down. Don't take my word for it--check them out at Knotts Berry Farm this year.
     But it doesn't look like a Cobra--it's too big, you say. Check out the JBL and FFR kits--what's up with the different back ends--they don't look 'correct' either!  But what is 'correct'? 
     Isn't eveSuperformancery original CSX roadster different, flavored to each owners' particular taste? Just where do we draw the line?
     If we're going to start changing things from the 'correct' original vehicle--the one that no one really wants to duplicate exactly--and that doesn't really have an exact base from which to duplicate anyway--I say lets do it right!  Heck--I like JBL's "Butcher"--and when I look at it I see a cool Cobra hot rod. I say we draw the line there. If the vehicle is a cool-looking hot rod that's obviously intended to be a Cobra replica, what's wrong with that? Lets do it right--you CAN have it both ways...just stay out of the snake pit with your Chevy if you know what's good for ya! 
     If you can stomach it, do your research and check out CnV's anti-asp C3 and C4 kits. Your further research just may show the CnV Cobray as the vehicle more along the lines of what Shelby first envisioned as "the plan" for turning out his production roadster. You see, Shelby wound up with a Ford powertrain, but he first intended the British A.C. roadster to have the "Heartbeat of America".  Shelby first approached Chevrolet for a Corvette engine to power his dream Cobra roadster!  I guess the winners really do write the History books--I've never seen that juicy tidbit in any Ford-oriented publication!
     But don't worry, Ford fanatics--you can still order the CnV kit with Ford motor mounts...but why?!  Don't you keep complaining about Cobra replicas not winding up like Shelby originally intended?! 
     Research reveals much. It kept the wife and I dry through the twisting Ozark hills that day in our '84 Corvette (with the top off!)! You see, I knew the storm was moving in the other direction and that the road ahead would turn before we'd get drenched!
     If further research could only help me avoid the wife's incessant deluge of whining. Hmmm...maybe she's really a Ford-lover at heart--she hates my Vette! 

     *The preceding light-hearted humor was not intended to offend.  Extreme brand loyalty can be dangerous!  If you're offended, please lighten up.  Come on, honey--I was just joking!

~ Mouse-over each car for it's specific history ~
1964 Cobra Daytona Coupe, CSX 2287, "The Prototype", Chris Amon, Jochen Neerpasch. 1963 Grand Sport Coupe, Nassau Prototype.
Carroll Shelby Driving School training car.First Cobra Victory, Riverside, 1963.1963 Shelby Cobra 289 Roadster.
Shelby 260 Soft-Top, Color:  Unpainted aluminum.    Model:  1963 Shelby Cobra 289, Version:  Hard-Top.  The First Painted Car, Pearl yellow
1964 Cobra Daytona Coupe, CSX 2299, "The Le Mans Winner", Dan Gurney, Bob Bondurant.  Restored car as owned by Carroll Shelby.  1964 Cobra Daytona Coupe, Winner, Tourist Trophy, Goodwood, Dan Gurney
Chuck's Coupe before paint!1965 Cobra Daytona Coupe, Daytona Winner, Jo Schlesser, Hal Keck.  1965 Cobra Daytona Coupe, CSX 2602, "The Filipinetti Coupe", Peter Sutcliffe, Peter Harper
1965 Cobra Daytona Coupe, CSX 2601, "The Championship Coupe", Bob Bondurant, Jo Schlesser1965 Cobra Daytona Coupe, CSX 2300, The Ford of France Coupe", Jo Schlesser, Andre Simon1965 Cobra Daytona Coupe, Monza Winner, Bob Bondurant, Allen Grant
1965 Cobra Daytona Coupe, Sebring Winner, Bob Bondurant, Jo Schlesser1966 Ford GT40 Mk II, Le Mans, Alan Mann Racing #8, John Whitmore, Frank Gardner.  1966 Ford GT40 Mk II, Le Mans, Alan Mann Racing #7, Graham Hill, Brian Muir.
1966 Ford GT40 Mk II, Le Mans, car #6, Mario Andretti, Lucien Bianchi.  1966 Ford GT40 Mk II, Third place, Le Mans, car #5, Ronnie Bucknum, Dick Hutcherson.  1966 Ford GT40 Mk II, Le Mans, car #4, Mark Donohue, Paul Hawkins.
1966 Ford GT40 Mk II, Le Mans, Shelby American #3, Dan Gurney, Allen Grant.  1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV, Le Mans 4th, car #2, Shelby American, Bruce McLaren, Mark Donohue.  1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV, Le Mans Winner, car #1, Shelby American, Dan Gurney, A.J. Foyt.
The ONLY Corvette Grand Sport to ever win a race (1964 Nassau): 1964 Grand Sport Coupe, Light-Lightweight Corvette, Roger Penske.  1966 Grand Sport Roadster, Penske Roadster, 1966 Sebring 12 Hours, Dick Guldstrand, Dick Thompson 1964 Nassau Speedweek, Jack Saunders



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