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C4 Corvette forum discussion
C4 Corvette Forum
C4 Corvette forum information and discussion
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Corvette Parts
C4 Corvette parts deals found by C4 owners
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C4 Corvette repair information, links and photos
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Corvette Repair and Restoration Links Resource.

Specific Installation, Maintenance and Repair Guides at the Cross Fire Injection Vault:
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Registered member of the the Cross Fire Injection Vault to view their Tech Tip articles)

Specific Installation, Maintenance and Repair Guides at Corvette Forum:
Paintless Dent Repair Fort Worth

Miscellaneous Specific Installation, Maintenance and Repair Guides at from other sources:
Windshield Trim and Weatherstrip
Weatherstrip need-to-know info before you begin:
Headlight repair guide
Digital Dash Cluster Repair Guide
Another Digital Dash Cluster Guide
Installing an Offy

Miscellaneous C4 Bulk Information Sources with Repair Guides:
Great Corvette Deals
Complete Corvette Parts Catalog!!!

Cross-Fire Injection Vault:
Crossed Flags dot com:
Corvette Forum:
Digital Corvettes:
Corvette Action Center
'84 Specs
Tools and stuff
Do-it-Yourself Corvette:
Weatherstrip info for do-it-yourselfers
C4 systems maintenance/pre-purchase:
Crossfire Performance
Pit racing
RPO Codes
Tech Info
EFI Basics
EFI forum
Cross Ram Info
Cross Ram Info
V-8 Casting Number Locations:
The 700
Tranny Info
More tranny
More tranny
More tranny

Cool Links:
NADA Value for the early C4

C-6 Station Wagon Official Release Photo
If you've got a lot of time on your hands:
Still more to do with a lot of time
Panhead Kit Bikes!!!
DHTML floating menu
Corvette Clock
Corvette Screensaver
Corvette Screensaver
Corvette Screensaver

CHEAP Insurance:
American Collectors Insurance
Grundy Insurance
Hagerty Insurance

New Parts:
GM part number look-up on-ling:
Mid America:
Corvette Central:
Zip Corvette:
Davies Corvette:
Corvette Corner:
Art’s Corvette Parts:
The Last Detail:
GM Goodwrench Restoration:
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Carol’s Automotive:
Corvette America:
Trade Motion:
CSK generic parts store
Parts Direct:
Corvette Speciality of CA:

Used Parts:
Yankee Lady/Wilcox:
Marcel’s Corvette Shop:
Rowley Corvette:
Chevyland parts:
Specialty Holdings:
Ed’s Corvette Shanty:
Corvette Salvage:
Dave’s Auto Wrecking:

It's time to sit back and let the Sellers battle it out:
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These are email addresses for several of the reliable, primarily used parts, sellers I've purchased parts from. Cut and paste these addresses in the "To:" block of an email message and let THEM battle it out so you get the best prices!  Aren't you tired of being a consumer?! *If you find any of these sellers to be unreliable or untrustworthy, PLEASE LET US KNOW so your fellow C4 restorers don't get a raw deal!;;;;;;;;;; DAW4PARTS@AOL.COM;;;;;;;

There is NOTHING for sale on this web site!  Author gets NO monetary compensation whatsoever from any seller or part mentioned or referred to on this web site! This web site is an attempt to get sellers to compete for your business, hence driving DOWN the price of your restoration parts. That said, author WILL place advertising banners on this web site if the business is known to be reputable by author and/or a Forum consensus that the advertiser/advertiser's inventory is reputable.  Contact Author to become a candidate for advertising here.  Author will ensure that this web site remains a GREAT resource for you, the C4 owner--no more searching endlessly for the best deal on the parts you're looking for, or risking the purchase of expensive parts from an unknown seller.  The research is already done by the author and other C4 owners!  YOU can contribute to this resource as well
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